Sex and Disability Support Group
In addition to private therapy, I also facilitate a support group once a month at the Center for Independent Living in Berkeley. The group discusses sex and relationship issues that can come up when living with a disability. The mission of the group is to provide a confidential space for people living with disabilities to come together and support each other through sharing experiences and information.

Sex education, vocational skills, independent living, intimacy, and social skills are areas in which many people living with disabilities are under-served due to a combination of lack of experience, an unfortunate assumption that people who are disabled cannot work, and are not capable or interested in having intimate relations. I develop and facilitate workshops on the above topics for organizations that serve clients who are living with a disability. These workshops are also available to staff members of these organizations.

“Mr. Hawkins’ relationship building session has provided our Junior Blind teens and young adults with proper skills set lessons, critical thinking exercises and the tools needed to establish healthy and meaningful personal and professional contact…participants departed the meeting with a far greater knowledge base on how to manage relationship building in a variety of life settings.”–Richard Rueda, Director of Transitional Services at Junior Blind of America

“It was a pleasure meeting Senya. I appreciated his style and finesse – the students responded well to him and felt comfortable talking about a sensitive subject. I look forward to our paths crossing again!”–Pamela Brain, Coordinator of Accessibility Services at a California University

If you are interested in learning more about any of the services above, contact me at 415-335-6076.